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Lately, you must have heard terms like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence frequently in most of the ads, some online courses and mostly from people around you. What exactly does this term mean..? What are they actually referring to...Curious!

Let's try and understand these fancy terminologies and get familiar with them. Firstly we will have a look at the simple image shown below.


  • Artificial Intelligence is the branch of science that helps machines and computers replicate human intelligence. So basically here we are focused on the creation of machines which are intelligent and smart just like human beings

Some examples of artificial intelligence are:-

  • AI is used to create intelligent robots which perform complex tasks used in manufacturing, cruise control, self-driving cars etc
  • AI is used in speech recognition just like Alexa, Siri recognises your voice, interprets it and performs complex tasks like playing your favourite song, calling a person etc.
  • AI is used in image recognition which recognises your face and maybe unlocks your phone.

Now, that we have looked upon some basics and daily inclusive examples of artificial intelligence...let’s move forward and understand what exactly is machine learning?


  • Machine Learning is the subset of artificial intelligence which provides the ability for the machine to learn and get trained on past data. Consequently, the machine is ready for future predictions and decision-making ability based on the data. In machine learning, we create different models and algorithms for the machine to learn about the insights and patterns of the data.

Some examples of machine learning are:-

  • Recommendation Systems-OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime use recommendation systems to analyse the behaviour and patterns of the user. Accordingly, it suggests the best movies, series and shows that the user may be interested in.
  • Fraud Detection- Financial transactions which are suspicious and may be fraudulent in nature can be detected by the machines. Machines are able to identify the anomaly in the data.

We have taken a basic overlook of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let’s move forward and look at deep learning.


  • Deep Learning is the subset of machine learning that focuses on replicating the structure and function of the human brain also called artificial neural networks. Deep learning uses a neural network for learning models. The number of layers in the neural networks is meant by the term 'Deep' in Deep learning.

It has a wide range of applications in fields like natural language processing, image recognition, computer vision etc.


It's now clear that there is a thin line of difference between the different terminologies by their definition and examples. Machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence is a continuously evolving process and has shown massive growth and advancement in recent years. Together, these fields have a wide range of applications in industries like gaming, entertainment, health care and finance etc which makes it interesting and eager to learn, gain knowledge about them.